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Jamila Scales

Jamila Scales began her dancing career at the young age of 6 years old performing in an elementary showcase in St. Louis; from this experience, she knew at the age of 6 dancing would be her career. Jamila went on to join Judy Best Dance Talent Center’s competition team. While on this team she learned the fundamentals to many dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Pom Poms, and Hip Hop. Jamila danced with The Judy Best Talent Center for 12 years, during which she honed in on and polished her skill and talent.


Once she became familiar with and mastered the basics, Jamila went on to Stephens College to foster more skills and embrace styles and specializations such as Ballet, Pointe, Modern Dance, Jump Rhythm Jazz, Synthetic Theater, and Musical Theater. Upon the completion of the previously mentioned styles and specialities, Jamila received her BFA degree in Dance from Stephens College in 2017.

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